have been a software engineer for a year now, and work daily with our API. As a learning exercise, I thought it would be interesting to go through the process of building a small API, because learning by doing is something I believe in.

When retraining to become a…

latiron School’s third portfolio project consisted in building a Rails app with a series of requirements that build up on top of what has been taught in the Rails section as well as all previous subjects.

The Share My Bike project consists of an AirBnb like web application that allows…

oday, I finished writing my very first app. Although it is just a CLI application and I have relied quite a lot on the code I wrote previously through all the labs and exercises, what a feeling of accomplishment!

When I first started thinking about what I could create that…

In the context of my fourth project for Flatiron School, I was tasked with adding JavaScript dynamic features to the Ruby on Rails application I built for the third project.

The requirements were as listed below.

Do not use ‘remote: true’ in this application

This one was kind of unsettling for me because I did not know what ‘remote: true’ did. A very quick Google search helped and I found this article that explains how it works rather clearly. …

Anne-Laure Chadeyras

Software Developer — yogi, swimmer, cyclist, gardener and scuba diver

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