I have been a software engineer for a year now, and work daily with our API. As a learning exercise, I thought it would be interesting to go through the process of building a small API, because learning by doing is something I believe in.

When retraining to become a software engineer with Flatiron school, we were using / building REST APIs. At work, we use GraphQL and I really like it. So the first question I asked myself was: should I build a REST API or use GraphQL? …

Last week, one of my coworkers at Nested suggested we join a virtual Meetup ran by Triangirls titled Overcoming the fear of feedback. I wanted to share what was said and what I learned during these 90 minutes on Zoom.

The talk was centred around three topics: (1) how to deal with negative feedback, (2) how to deliver feedback, especially in a remote world and (3) perfectionism, procrastination and your inner critic.

You have received negative feedback, now what?

Cecile Eschenauer covered this section. She is a life and career coach working with women who find themselves at crossroads in their life. And all the women she…

As a recent graduate from a Software Engineering Bootcamp, and then making my way through interviews to land my first job as a developer, I have come across the term ‘Big O Notation’ more than once.

The concepts around how quickly the runtime grows relative to the input as the input gets arbitrarily large — as described in this article — were pretty obscure to me and seemed like a tomorrow problem rather than a today problem.

The more I read articles, wrote code, practiced code challenges for interviews, and spoke with fellow developers, the more I realised how important…

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After over 600 lessons and labs and 4 portfolio projects, it is now time to talk about my final portfolio project. When enrolling for the online self-paced software engineering course with Flatiron School, I knew there would be five portfolio projects to complete in order to graduate. The final project always seemed to me like it was a distant thing that required so much skills I didn’t have yet. But there it is, ready to be submitted for review.

For this final portfolio project the goal is to build a styled Single Page Application made of a React.js and Redux.js

Flatiron School’s third portfolio project consisted in building a Rails app with a series of requirements that build up on top of what has been taught in the Rails section as well as all previous subjects.

The Share My Bike project consists of an AirBnb like web application that allows you to rent bicycles instead of homes.

For this project there are 5 main requirements:

First requirement: ActiveRecord associations

The models must include belongs_to, has_many and has_many_through ActiveRecord associations and the join table built for the many_to_many relationship must include attributes other than the mandatory foreign keys.

This requirements seemed rather simple to implement…

As second portfolio project for Flatiron School, we had to build a Sinatra based web application. I chose to build a basic market place for people to buy and sell fruits and vegetables from their garden, neighbours’ gardens.

Where did the idea come from? My garden of course! I love gardening and we have quite a big garden here in London. I like growing flowers, but I also like growing fruits and vegetables. Last year, my organisation in the garden was not the best, and we ended up eating lettuce three times a day for way too many days in…

Last week I went to Paris to visit my family. My dad has always been pretty interested in technology. I have childhood memories of him spending weekends trying to install whatever operating system on his computer, at a time YouTube tutorials and Stack Overflow were probably not as rich in content as today. If he does not know specifically how to develop an application, he has more than enough knowledge to understand to concepts and content of my portfolio projects.

Since we often talk about how things are going with my lessons, labs and projects, we sat down together and…

Today, I finished writing my very first app. Although it is just a CLI application and I have relied quite a lot on the code I wrote previously through all the labs and exercises, what a feeling of accomplishment!

When I first started thinking about what I could create that would be (sort of) useful, original, correspond my personal interest and represent where I live, I wasn’t too sure where to go. …

Does not sound like much does it? Well, it did not seem like much at the time, but when I see where I am at today, it definitely makes sense.

One day at work, we started working on a new process to ensure better quality management. That process was a manual process consisting of a large number of simple unitary Excel tasks. Like many people who use Excel every day for work, I was rather good with the basics and knew about macros but had never learnt how to build them. After executing the new process manually two days in…

In the context of my fourth project for Flatiron School, I was tasked with adding JavaScript dynamic features to the Ruby on Rails application I built for the third project.

The requirements were as listed below.

Do not use ‘remote: true’ in this application

This one was kind of unsettling for me because I did not know what ‘remote: true’ did. A very quick Google search helped and I found this article that explains how it works rather clearly. It is basically a very cool bit of Rails automagic that:

  • Prevents the default action, ie submit the form or following the link in the old fashioned way.
  • Sends a JavaScript view file instead of executing a piece of JavaScript code which is compiled in the Rails asset pipeline. …

Anne-Laure Chadeyras

Software Developer — yogi, swimmer, cyclist, gardener and scuba diver

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